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Live Stream Information

For fans unable to attend events, we have a live broadcasting system, called Pixellot. This system has been installed in our Junior-Senior High gym and on our football field.  A monthly subscription ($10.99 per month) or a yearly rate ($69.99 per year) is required to view these events.  A bonus from your subscribing to the service will be that a small amount of revenue from your subscription will be returned back to Potlatch Junior-Senior High School to assist the athletic programs.

Please note- You will see the score and the game action but there is no announcer or commentator during the games or matches.  It will cover all our home games and cover away games to schools that have the Pixellot system installed at their venues as well. When playing against other schools who also use the Pixellot system, always select the home team's school to ensure you are viewing the correct event.

For more information and/or to subscribe, please go to: